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The Unreal World: Ideas for New (Fictional) Reality Shows

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013
TV or not TV?  That is the question.

TV: all of reality on one screen.

I was watching a video the other day about long-running reality shows, and I kept thinking that I would like to see more variety in the types of subject matter covered by these shows.  Dating, dancing, and diving all have prominent places on the air, and people of all sizes, shapes, and stripes have been represented on many different shows.  However, I believe that there are still some subjects that haven’t been used yet which could make for some interesting television.  The following are some ideas for fictional reality shows I think could be very entertaining if given a chance.  If any television executives out there are interested in these formats, I want to let you know that I want consulting credit on the resulting shows if they are ever made.

Who Wants to Be a Super-Sidekick?

America has already seen one reality show based on superheroes, but I think it focused too much on the “main event” type of heroes and not enough on those who aspire to greatness, but are still learning the ropes.  The sidekicks of the world need a show of their own to show that they, too, could be the next Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, or even Barnacle Boy.  The contestants would be presented with challenges replicating such exciting duties as washing the hero’s car or fending off minions while the hero tackles the main bad guy.  Of course, the prize of becoming an official sidekick might seem like a boring dead-end job after a while, but who knows, the winner might become a famous hero one day!  Give or take thirty years of menial service…

The Amazing Trace

Art students attempt to make perfect copies of famous works of art on this show.  Using the techniques of famous painters and sculptors, the students improve their own art skills by learning about the skills of past artists.  A panel of art experts are then brought in to see if they can tell the difference between the students’ works and the genuine articles.  Grab your paintbrush and chiseling tools, you just might gain some pointers!

So You Think You Can Lance?

Down-on-their-luck jobless Americans get the ultimate opportunity: become members of “lance crews” for television’s largest ever jousting tournament.  Mounting noble steeds, these people will soon learn that life looks pretty scary when you’re facing the tip of a pointed spear.  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table whittle down the jousters until only one person is left to be crowned “Ultimate Lancer” and win one hundred thousand dollars.  Who will walk away with the keys to this kingdom?   

Would you want to see any of these fictional shows become a reality?  What’s your favorite reality show?  Let me know in the comments.