Classes and Speeches and Trips, Oh My!

Hi, guys.  I just wanted to provide a brief update about what’s been happening since my last post.  There’s been a lot going on with me lately so it has been hard to find time to write posts.  I don’t like these hiatuses myself, but considering what I’ve got coming up, I am finding they can’t be helped.  My schedule for next week looks particularly busy, so here’s a small look at where I’m going.

Starting tonight and for every week for the rest of spring and summer, I am taking a series of elective classes at a local college.  I’m taking a different class each month in subjects I’m interested in, such as creating better short stories and fictional worlds, formulating strategies for my career path, and (this one’s just for fun) the impact superheroes have had on the world.  I took an elective class on voice acting last year at the same college and I found the small, intimate atmosphere of the classroom very pleasant and fun.  Hopefully, this year’s classes will be just as good.

I am also working on a speech I am going to give at a local special education PTA meeting next week about my life with autism.  I’ve already written about it a couple of times for my AutismAfter16 column, but I feel a little funny now that I’ve actually written the speech and I’m just a few days away from delivering it.  It has felt like a distant thing to me for a while, but it’s only just hit me that I’m going to give the speech very soon.  I sure hope the speech goes well at the meeting, because it is only then that I’ll know if all my work on it was worthwhile.

I’m going to be on the road for a few days this week.  My dad needs some help with his work as a belt and hose salesman, so he has asked me to come along with him.  I have assisted him several times before, and I greatly enjoy it because it allows me to get out of the house and see a portion of the world I normally don’t get to see.  It looks like we’re going to have some great weather on the trip, too, so that makes me even happier. 

I also have to get my column for AutismAfter16 done for next week!! 

With all I’ve been doing lately, I’m starting to think of this trip as a much-needed break from my normal routine.

I’m planning on writing on here again in a few days, so stay tuned!  As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.


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