Paragon Fantasy Wrestling Part 2.5: The Draft

Paragon Fantasy Wrestling Arena

It’s been a while since I wrote about the world of my own fictional pro wrestling league, Paragon Fantasy Wrestling.  I feel kind of bad about that since I wanted it to be a regular feature of this blog and it remains one of my favorite parts of this site.  Well, after a few months, I think it’s time I did a little more world-building.  I plan on doing updates to the ongoing storyline in the near-future, but since I’m just getting back into the swing of things here (people do still say “swing of things,” right?), I figured I should add a few more characters to the roster to spice things up a bit. 

We already have four characters so far: current Paragon Elite champion Clarion, the “Urban Cowboy” Ricky Bolero, the high-flying Alex Jumper, and the huge Fire Sumo.  I like all of these characters already each in their own way, but I want to have a large cast so there’s a bit more variety in the match types and personalities in the Paragon universe.  Therefore, I am instituting the first Paragon Fantasy Wrestling Talent Draft!  I’ll present to you the profiles for six characters I am considering adding to the story.  Tell me what you think of them in the comments and offer up any ideas for characters you’d like to see in the world of fictional wrestling.  I’d greatly value any and all input in this endeavor, so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.  And with that, here’s the six wrestlers in the Draft:

Rick Orson a.k.a. “Super Kid”- Theme: “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

This would-be superhero has jet-black hair and blue eyes with a small scar over his left eye, but most of the time these features are hidden by a yellow mask with mirror lenses for eyes (like the kind on Spider-Man’s mask) and black stars on the cheeks, so if you wanted a wrestling Pikachu lookalike, this guy would be a sure bet for you.  Early in his career, Orson tried trailing a convenience store robber but took a bad fall off a fire escape and fell face-first onto the pavement which gave him his distinctive facial mark (no wonder he decided to wear the mask).  Super Kid has since improved greatly in moving around like a true hero should, but he’s still looking for that robber and believes he might be able to find him in Paragon Fantasy Wrestling.  Given the tradition of wildly improbable coincidences in superhero stories, he just might find him sooner than he thinks.  Fun Fact 1: I first conceived this character in the hopes that I might want to write a superhero story one day, and even though I still want to do that, I now think he might work better as a member of the Paragon roster.  After all, Gregory “The Hurricane” Helms has been using that gimmick in real life for years, so this concept does have a track record for working out very well.  Fun Fact 2: I originally wanted Super Kid to have a goatee and be a “shades of grey” (neither good nor evil, just somewhere in between) character like the Punisher, but I don’t really like writing about characters like that too often, and there isn’t much point in talking about his facial hair when he’s going to be wearing a mask most of the time, so good guy and masked it is!  Fun Fact 3: Super Kid does share one other trait with comic book heroes: he has a network of informants similar to the Shadow’s group of agents or Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street Irregulars with which he has gathered loads of dirt on the other members of the Paragon roster.  The question is, what will he do with this information and what will happen when the other wrestlers find out what he knows about them?

Jeb Colt- Theme: “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers

A self-proclaimed “good ol’ boy” and distant relative of the famous feuding McCoys (I probably ought to include a Hatfield somewhere down the line to provide a ready-made feud), this hot-blooded North Carolina native recently moved to Paragon City, Illinois, in order to take in the local wrestling scene (he’s not the only guy from North Carolina to take a shine to the sport; just look at the Hardy Boyz, Shannon Moore, the aforementioned Gregory Helms, etc.).  A few years ago, back in his hometown of Charlotte, he was a witness to an incident in a convenience store involving a robber attempting to steal the contents of a cash register.  He tried to give chase to the robber, but lost track of him somewhere in the middle of the city.  It was at this point that some guy in a yellow mask, convinced that Colt was the robber, attempted to catch him.  Colt tried to convince the guy that he was after the wrong person, but the masked man would have none of it.  Colt only managed to get away when the guy took an ill-advised jump off a fire escape in his zeal to subdue his prey.  Colt has since given a full testimony to the police about all that he saw, but the case is still being investigated.  Meanwhile, he has decided to try his hand at pro wrestling and make a  little money doing it.  Too bad he almost forgot about that guy in the mask, because he might see him again very soon…

Warp Galactic- Theme: “Flash Gordon” by Queen

A spacefaring adventurer from the year 2014 (in an alternate universe, one presumes), he claims to have been to Mars, Pluto, the dark planet Mungo, and the Universal Federation’s newest outpost on Talos VII.  His orange buzz cut, neon green jumpsuit, fishbowl-shaped bubble helmet, and vintage-looking tin “space pistol” look strange enough, but his stories of high adventure among the stars have been the big trigger that caused Paragon fans to question Warp Galactic’s sanity.  Warp carries an I.D. card on him at all times which states that he is a senior officer in the Universal Federation deputized to protect the Sol Sector.  This entails defending Earth and its celestial neighbors from extraterrestrial threats like Borlock the Fiendish, who Warp claims zapped him with a time travel spell, causing him to go back in time to our present day.  With no way of knowing if he can get back to his time, he seeks to gain enough attention in Paragon Fantasy Wrestling to attract the notice of CERN in Switzerland, a scientific organization he believes might have the technology to send him back where (and when) he came from.  Warp’s knowledge of the combat techniques of ten thousand worlds (give or take a couple thousand by his own reckoning) could be a big asset to his wrestling career, but is he on the trek to superstardom or is he just a “space case?”

Kendall Catcher- Theme: “Pokemon Theme Song” (“I wanna be the very best…”)

For all of his life, Kendall Catcher has had one goal: to capture every single known type of the popular creatures known as Capsule Mons.  His near-obsession with the Japanese-import franchise has concerned family and friends and scared away neighbors, but he remains insistent on traveling to remote forests, deserts, and cities, dropping quarters into the nearest vending machine, and hoping that he will find some new Capsule Mons for his already extravagant collection.  He is convinced that if he collects all of the Mons, something amazing will happen.  What that event is exactly is anyone’s guess, but Catcher is certain that it will change the world.  There is only one obstacle standing in the way of Kendall’s collecting every Capsule Mon in existence: he needs more money to spend at the vending machines!  Well, he could make a lot of money by wrestling, and, in Kendall’s mind at least, you do need to have a lot of strength to be a Capsule Mon wielder.  Will Kendall’s one-track mind lead to the fulfillment of his wildest dream (and it is pretty wild if you think about it)?  Will he add any Paragon Wrestling titles to his collection?

Billy “Bo” Roberts- Theme: “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Shel Silverstein, recorded by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

Billy Roberts wanted to be a country star.  He wanted to see his name up in lights, traveling around in an oversized tour bus surrounded by hundreds of screaming teens.  He wanted to be able to succeed in life by doing the minimum amount of work possible.  Life, however, did not go as he envisioned.  Instead, Billy struggled for years to get any recognition, releasing a few YouTube videos of some songs he was tinkering with, but to little reception.  Fed up with the stagnant nature of his career, Billy, or “Bo” as he prefers to be called now, has decided to follow in the footsteps of wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett  and Heath Slater, using the world of wrestling as a platform to ignite his country dreams.  The fans of Paragon Wrestling have their own opinion of Bo’s singing skills and it is mostly unfavorable.  That won’t stop Bo from subjecting them to his unique talents, singing at every show to his achy breaky heart’s content.

The Finisher- Theme: “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by REM

There’s an old episode of Adventures of Superman called “No Holds Barred” where an evil pro wrestler uses so-called “paralyzing” holds to finish off his opponents.  It is heavily implied that these holds could easily kill someone if they were applied for longer than a few seconds.  The killing part wasn’t what impressed the man who eventually became the finisher.  It was the thought that a simple hold could have a devastating effect on someone that left the greatest impact.  He wanted to be able to use those holds to get back at all the people who had wronged him over the years.   He thus spent over a decade traveling the world learning the most damaging wrestling and self-defense techniques from anyone willing to teach them to him.  When he felt he had learned all the moves that could be most useful to him, he adopted a new persona, one meant to strike fear into the hearts of those who knew him to be a weakling.  The Finisher recently came into Paragon Fantasy Wrestling in the hopes that those watching the top-rated local wrestling show in Illinois might be the ones who hurt him as a child.  With a dominant offense, a distinct lack of mercy, and a collection of the world’s deadliest maneuvers, the Finisher wants all of his enemies to know that no one will ever mess with him again.  Time will tell whether that dire threat proves to be true.

Six new stars have been added to the firmament of Paragon Championship Wrestling.  It is up to you to determine if they will shine or fizzle out.  Let me know what you think of them in the comments and offer suggestions as to how I can improve this series.  These wrestlers will also be appearing in coming weeks in trial matches, so stay tuned for those as well.  Until next time, may all your pinfalls lead to 3-counts!

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