Random Top Three: Neat Little Details In the “The Incredibles” Portion of “Disney Infinity”


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The official symbol of Pixar’s superhero family. Really is an “i”-ful (eyeful)!

Disney Infinity is one of the coolest video games that I have played in a long time.  The concept behind it is one that I instantly liked when I first heard about it: play as all of my favorite Disney characters in worlds inspired by the films they star in, then play around in a “Toy Box” where I can create my very own Disney-inspired world using a variety of chatacters, settings, and props.  What more can a Disney fan ask for??!!  I’ve only froliced in this virtual playground for a short time, but I’m finding it to be very fun and endlessly surprising so far.  I am particularly impressed with one of the movie worlds the game’s developers put together; the city of Metroville from The Incredibles (which reminds me of Jimmy Neutron‘s Retroville, if only in name).  I am amazed by some of the details the developers put into this city that make it very vibrant to me.  Here’s a small laundry list of details concerning life in the city I especially like.

1. There’s always a need for a hero.

In the world of The Incredibles, superheroes are everywhere, so it would stand to reason that there would be plenty of trials and tribulations for them to address.  Fortunately for Disney Infinity players, the city is full of peril with new problems popping up all the time.  For instance, as soon as I (playing as Mr. Incredible) had finished smashing all the evil Omnidroid robots and putting out the fires they had started in nearby buildings (Thank goodness the city invested in all of those rooftop water towers!), a supervillainess had swooped down from the skies and dropped some sleep-inducing spores onto the streets that I had to get rid of.  Every minute I am in the city there is always some new act of superheroic derring-do that needs doing.  As you can well imagine, boredom is in decidedly short supply in Metroville.

2. All of the evil robots run on batteries.

One of Disney Infinity‘s main ideas is that everything in the game is actually a bunch of toys that magically come to life.  The characters you play as are lifelike action figures; the worlds you play in are referred to as “play sets”; seemingly everything that is not nailed down or part of the landscape is made out of shiny plastic.  I think this makes just about everything in the game look adorable, even the enemies I battle against.  The Incredibles world’s primary bad guys are Omnidroids who like to play around with flamethrowers, missiles, and laser beams.  Normally, these things would be incredibly dangerous, but in toy form, they can be defeated with just a few simple punches.  I feel sort of bad about beating them up, though, because they look so super-cute.  Not to mention that I recently discovered a tiny battery compartment on their backsides.  So that’s how all of their fantastic weaponry is powered!  Now all I need to do is find a tiny screwdriver, open their battery packs, remove the source of their power, and they’ll never bother me again!  (I’m probably not going to find a screwdriver in this game, am I, guys?  Oh well, one can dream, I guess…)

3. Edna Mode is in this game!!!

Another one of my favorite parts of Disney Infinity so far is seeing all of the different characters that have been put into the game.  In addition to characters the player directly controls (in the case of The Incredibles, you can play as all four members of the title family, Mr. Incredible’s friend Frozone, and in a bizzarre twist, the movie’s main villain Syndrome), there are a number of other individuals who populate the game’s worlds.  Seeing who made it in has been a fun pastime for me, sort of like a game of Where’s Waldo but with Disney characters instead of the stripe-shirted guy.  Some of these characters have been an absolute delight for me to find.  One particular surprise (although given the material being used, I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I digress) has been Edna Mode, the fashion designer for the super set.  She doesn’t seem to be making any new super suits (yet), but she has found a cushy new calling as a mission coordinator.  I often hear her wonderfully raspy, shockingly shrill voice barking at me over my character’s radio (Which makes me wonder…where would he/she carry a radio?  They must all be wearing hidden earpieces and microphones.), and I always follow her instructions to the letter.  I’m quite happy to do so, lest I suffer her wrath and be forced to wear something completely tacky, and with a cape to boot (Anyone who’s watched the movie knows those things are walking deathtraps, but I think they’re pretty cool.  What’s wrong with taking a calculated risk?)!

Disney Infinity still has plenty of surprises up its sleeve, and the day isn’t quite saved in The Incredibles just yet.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store, and if I can make a few Metroville citizens (and Edna) happy, then it’s all worth it to me.  Up, up, and away!

What Disney characters (or any other characters if you don’t like Disney) would you like to meet in real life?  If you’re playing Disney Infinity, what’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen in the game?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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