Taking It To the “Monopoly Streets” With My Cousins

A few of my cousins visited us this past week, so I took a brief “vacation” from this blog to catch up with them.  We had a simply sublime time together every day they were here.  We spent the most time bonding over games of Monopoly Streets (love the use of “Rock This Town” in the trailer, by the way!) on the PlayStation 3.  It was through my time with them that I came to look at this virtual version of the classic game of land management in a new light.

In terms of the game, I discovered, after playing this version of Monopoly mostly by myself for the majority of the time I’ve had it, that it’s even better when played with other people.  “Of course it’s better with others!  Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious,” most of you smart-aleck type commenters are thinking right about now (and if you are, allow me to introduce to you my new crime-fighting partner, Lt. Redundant).  The thing is, however, that I’ve played the PS3 version with mostly computer opponents up until now.  I’ve played it with other people, too, but those games have never lasted very long.  I spent days roaming around different themed boards and trading properties with pretend players.  The tokens were all represented by human characters (little boy for the top hat, maid for the iron, dog walker for the little terrier puppy, etc.) and they were pretty cute, but at the end of the day, they were just tokens.  It was fun seeing all of the different boards and game types, but what I really wanted was someone to share playing the game with. 

I had an opportunity to do just that when my cousins expressed a desire to play the game from among my collection.  We played two rounds of Monopoly Streets, both on the classic board.  I remember distinctly that a heated topic of conversation was a certain pink property that one of my cousins kept attempting to broker a trade with me for.  Looking back on it, I think it turned into one of those moments where you end up arguing with someone you know and love over a small, meaningless thing.  True, it would have given him complete control of the pinks, and I wasn’t about to let him have that, but his trade attempts went on so long and became so extravagant that we ended up talking about them every day for the rest of the week.  By the way, I never did trade away the pink property.  We finished one game (one of my cousins won) while the other one, the pink property game, is, to the best of my knowledge, saved onto my cousin’s PS3 hard drive waiting for the day when we will either finish playing or delete it.

My cousins and I made many memories all week long, playing a few other games (Disney Universe and Apples to Apples, anyone?) and watching some TV shows and movies together.  For my money, though, the real highlight was our Monopoly Streets matches.  They were competitive, engaging, and suspenseful because you didn’t know who was going to win (I’m still curious as to how that “pink” game will turn out).  I love games because I feel they have a natural tendency to bring people closer together, and that certainly happened in this case.

Have you ever had a bonding moment with your family or friends while playing a board game?  Share your stories in the comments.  Avoid jail.  Avoid indirectly contacting jail.  Please pass go.  Please collect 200 dollars.

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2 Responses to “Taking It To the “Monopoly Streets” With My Cousins”

  1. Rose hauswirth Says:

    Glad you had fun Ben, that’s how we feel when we play cards, we love the head game” of the game, some play it better then others, but that’s ok, it all about having a few laughs together ….

  2. Benjamin Kellogg Says:

    How right you are, Aunt Rosie! I think it’s not about whether you win or lose, but if you can play the game fair and square while having fun with your family and friends. Of course, I still believe there is a bit of merit for at least trying to win, but still, keep your priorities straight, people! (lol!) Thanks for reading!

    Love, Ben

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