Thank You, SEPTSA

The biggest puzzle I'll ever have to solve.

Autism awareness: a cause close to my heart.

I would just like to say thank you to the members of the Special Education Parent Teacher Student Association (SEPTSA) for allowing me to speak at the most recent meeting for Autism Awareness Month.  It was an amazing opportunity that I was glad to take and it was great hearing what the other speakers had to say about their lives with autism as well.  Each of us had a different way of telling our story: one speaker had a conversation with another person to illustrate how their autism affects the way they communicate, another used a PowerPoint presentation to emphasize key facets of her speech, and I gave a written speech.  I noticed that there were a lot of similarities between their experiences and my own such as difficulty navigating crowded hallways, the need to maintain daily schedules, certain sensory issues, and slowly adjusting to big changes in one’s life.  It was interesting for me to hear about our shared experiences, and I admire the other speakers for having the courage to stand up and talk about their lives.

I was also impressed with the large number of people who came to hear us speak.  There were a lot less people at the last SEPTSA meeting, so seeing many more people was something I had not expected.  I am glad that so many people are interested in the welfare of special needs children in my community, and I hope they attend subsequent meetings.

It felt great to me to deliver my speech.  I had practiced it a few times, but seeing and hearing the audience’s reactions at the meeting was a very special experience for me.  Their eyes lit up as I spoke about how my mind works and they laughed in all the right spots.  I was surprised that the speech went over so well; I had not expected all the support, at least outside of my own social circle, but I am glad that so many people appreciated what I and all of the speakers at the meeting had to say.

I would like to say thank you one last time to everyone who came to the SEPTSA meeting, including my family, teachers, and other members of the community.  The great thing about these meetings for me is the ability to learn new things about my community through the testimonies of the group members and the special presentations that are presented at each meeting.  I think SEPTSA plays a very important part in this community, and I hope it continues to prosper for many years to come.

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