The Noah and Logan Tour, Part 8: Phoenix Public Library and Pulaski Public Library

From my evening at the Fulton Public Library!

From my evening at the Phoenix Public Library!


Here I am at the Pulaski Public Library!

Here I am at the Pulaski Public Library!

Hello everyone!  The following blog was originally written at the beginning of September.  I’ve been a bit busy and am just now getting around to sharing this with you all.  I hope you enjoy my blog!

You may notice a small difference in the title of this post compared to previous ones covering the promotional tour for my Noah and Logan series.  Even though summer is over, I still have a few events lined up on my calendar in conjunction with the fall season.  I fulfilled two of these recently.  The first was an evening appearance before an adult audience at the Phoenix Public Library in Phoenix, NY, and the second was an early morning presentation at the Pulaski Public Library in Pulaski, NY.

I was not sure what kind of audience I might have at the Phoenix Public Library because the event was held at a much later time during the day than my other events.  However, in short order, a group of interested adults assembled in the library’s large conference room.  I presented both of my Noah and Logan books as well as my two poems that have been published in the UNIQUE magazine.  Then I took questions from the audience and, with some help from my mother, I discussed at length my life with autism.  Needless to say, the conversation took some surprising turns.  It was a very lively and interesting event that I had a lot of fun doing!

A few days after Phoenix, I made my way to the Pulaski Public Library early in the morning to share my stories with a group of preschoolers and some of their parents.  The kids loved the stories, but it seemed to me that this group especially enjoyed the dinosaurs in  Noah and Logan Learn to Share!  Who knows, there may be ways to incorporate other dinosaurs in future Noah and Logan books!  

I want to give special thanks to the librarians, parents, and other people who organized these events and the audiences for making them extra memorable.  I’ll keep you posted here and on my website and Facebook pages about upcoming events.  See you soon!

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